Awaken Personal Enlightenment 

  Awaken Personal Enlightenment  

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Angelique comes to our facility once a month for Laughter Yoga, and I can fully say it is my absolute favorite program that I continually look forward to. I work as a Recreation Therapy Assistant, and while I was very hesitant about participating in Laughter Yoga in the beginning with my residents, I quickly realized how it makes the residents feel. They light up, and it truly makes them laugh and puts them into uplifted spirits. By the end of each session you can feel the energy in the room change, and I always leave the program feeling a lot different; happier, lighter, energized. If I can feel that from just one time, I can only imagine how the residents in the care facility feel. There is always a never ending amount of smiles once our monthly session of Laughter Yoga is complete. Kaytlynn Riverview Care Centre 

Quotes I was unsure of what to expect and am happy that I learned a lot about myself and am excited to take steps in moving towards my dreams. I am glad I made the choice to try something new. Quotes
Discovery Workshop

Quotes Loved this class. I was looking to focus more clearly on one area of my life and with the Angelique's guidance I was able to focus on an area I was truly struggling with. Thank you! Quotes
Discovery Workshop

Quotes Lovely lady & a wonderful course! Quotes
Vision Board Class General Theme Brooks College Campus

Quotes Really enjoyed the class! Building a vision board was a valuable activity- it helped me to clarify my passions & VISUALIZE them better Quotes
Discovery Workshop General Theme

Quotes I really enjoyed the energy of the energy of the class and how through Angelique's guidance we were able to support each other in building our vision boards. Rosetta Quotes
Vision Board Class General Theme

Quotes Look forward to working with you again in the future. Quotes
Vision Board Session

Quotes I really enjoyed sharing in Laughter with my co-workers. It was very nice to partiipate in a unique workshop. Thank you Angelique love your energy :) Quotes
Laughter Yoga

Quotes This class was amazing,positive and extremely helpful. I 'm really excited to move forward with the Class and the overall Vision Board. Quotes

Quotes I enjoyed how Angelique went into full detail about things I didn't understand. Angelique wouldn't move on to until the whole class was clear on the concept. If you need to get clear in your head what your passion is, then this is a class i recommend you take. Very informative and great energy! Quotes

Quotes It was an intriguing class, I feel Angelique shared a lot of positive energy and good vibes. She made sure I clearly understood what was going on. 10/10 Would do another class. :) Quotes