Discovery Workshops allow you to explore quieting your mind and  finding clarity in the busy world around us. 
Discovery Coach Angélique 


Home Discovery Party. What is a Home Discovery Party?  Have you and your friends been talking about signing up for a class or talking about getting together? I have a reason for you to be the the one that invited your friends to a in home party that they will be talking about for months to come.  Angélique will facilitate a Workshop pkg designed specifically for you and your friends.  A fun evening in for you and a few of your friends.  Want to be the Hostess with the mostes? hahahah

 Lets create a space in your home that you can invite a few friend over and make it a "Home Discovery Party".  With 3  Packages for you to choose from. Hostess and Guest Rewards. 

Full details or questions contact Angélique  403 504 7736 call or text, email [email protected]

Laughter Yoga, Labyrinths  and Visioning  

"Let Your fingers do the walking" Labyrinth  Discovery workshop.  Join Angélique as she shares in a creative space, where you will be encouraged to just take a journey inward as you create a small portable Labyrinth. Angélique will guide you step by step along the way.  Learn about the many health benefits of a Labyrinth, relieve stress, awaken and empower yourself! 

Supplies included. 1.5 Hour Journey inward. 

“Mystic Goddess” Belief /affirmation Vision Board  Discovery workshop  

  Supplies included 1.5 Hour Journey inward. 

"Lets play in the SandBox" Laughter Yoga Discovery workshop Leave with a License to Play!

Supplies included 1.5 Hour Journey inward. 

Full Day Retreats 8 hours treats, tea, coffee and lunch included 

Exclusive offers 1:1 coaching pkgs  contact Angélique directly 

3 Day Retreats are  once a year. Location and all Details to be announced stay tuned. Each Year is a unique. 

DIscovery workshops are unique fit for conferences, and  break out sessions. 

Looking for a spiritual baby shower... 

Mom & Baby Blessing Circle... Are you looking to share in a unique "baby shower"  I have a unique blessing circle that is designed for blessing mom and baby. Investment and more details please  Contact Angélique. Space is provided or happy to come into your home.