Discovery sessions allow you to explore quieting your mind and  finding clarity in the busy world around us. 
Discovery Coach Angélique 


Mindful Munch. Are you running on autopilot?  Our daily habits become our daily patterns. In a fast past world we often take our meals to go, eating them on the road.  Or perhaps you are multitask.  You pile your plate of life so full that eating is just one more chore. Take a moment to reflect on your daily patterns. Ask your self these few questions. Am I ready to  pause and be grateful  before I enjoy my meal?  Am I open to take time to allow myself to be present in this exact moment? Am I willing to create a space that allows me  take time to savour my food that nourishes and fuels my body? Discovery Coach Angélique invites you to join her for a Mindful Munch. What can you expect during a Mindful Munch Meditation? You will be entering into a space with a welcoming from Angélique in a  supportive community. Soft music will be playing in the background and you will be invited to find a yoga mat and get comfortable. Next you are  guided through some mindful movements and breathe work as you prepare your mind,body and spirit to let go of the day. Guidance will continue as you are invited to connect with your senses through a mindful meditation. Connecting with the senses allows you an opportunity to savour the taste of your lunch. TIME to enjoy your lunch. 

Bring your lunch, an open mind and an $8 investment. Angélqiue will provide instruction, yoga mat and some extras to enhance your mindful munch experience

Mindfulness Retreats  Create a new habit and transform  your day to day.  Escape from  stress and worries and connect with inner peace, happiness and clarity. Angélique will provide you with the space and tools to explore a variety of ways to be mindful and explore meditation.  Mindfulness Meditation on and off the mat. Each retreat is unique and is based on a theme. 1 hour in length. Mindfulness is  a practice that requires commitment, dedication and patience. Be kind to yourself as you take your journey into this practice. Allowing yourself to explore a variety of styles of Meditation and find the one for you.  Retreats may  included but not limited to, labyrinth walks, affirmation meditation & adult colouring or connect the dots, mindful eating and much more. Retreats are half days and full days.   For more details please reference the calendar tab or contact Angélique 

If this sound like it may be to much to take in and you are curious about learning more don't worry I will be happy to help you on your journey. Lets create a space in your home that you can invite a few friend over and make it a "Home Discovery Party".  With 3  Packages for you to choose from. (more details conatct Angélique) 

 Laughter Yoga, Mindfulness, and Visioning  

"Let Your fingers do the walking" Discovery Workshop Join Angélique as she shares in a creative space, where you will be encouraged to just take a journey inward as you create a small portable Labyrinth. Angélique will guide you step by step along the way.  Learn about the many health benefits of a Labyrinth, relieve stress, awaken and empower yourself! Plus more...

What is a Labyrinth? It is not a maze! Wonder why walk one? How to walk one? Where to walk one? Here's your chance to create your own portable Labyrinth, and get answers to all these questions. 

Supplies included. 1.5 Hour Workshop

Mom & Baby Blessing Circle... Are you looking to share in a unique "baby shower"  I have a unique blessing circle that is designed for blessing mom and baby. Investment and more details please  Contact Angélique. Space is provided or happy to come into your home. 

A little Extra...

“Vision Board Workshop” 3 Hour

Connect with your dreams.  A new car, vacation, career, no matter what you dream taking the steps in creating a visual representation of what those dreams look like is a powerful tool.  Be guided through the process of connecting with what you really want and let loose your own secret powers of creativity.  You will leave with more than a vision board; you will leave with the tools to move towards your dreams.  Supplies included 

Vision Card Reading...  A fun way to connect with your playful side. To hear the whispers  that have been  waiting for your to hear . A vision card reading is 30-40 min and we will explore the depths of  what the cards  are sharing with you.  Bookings are private or  group. 

"Personal Discovery Session" (Coaching Session) I offer one on one self discovery sessions, meditation, laughter yoga. Gaining clarity in the present moment and steps to take to move forward in more positive mindset. Per session or Packages available Contact Angélique for more information 

Speaking engagements. Contact  Angélique