Awaken Personal Enlightenment 

  Awaken Personal Enlightenment  

"Laughter is the shortest distance between two people" Victor Borge

Laughter Yoga is a unique exercise program that is sweeping the world. Laughter Yoga combines unconditional laughter with yogic breathing (PRANAYAMA). Laughter Yoga is based on scientific fact. There are many health benefits such as stress relief and helping with anxiety. Laughter Yoga is a body-mind exercise. Laughter Yoga creates a positive change in challenging times.

Giggle Guru Angélique 

Medicine Hat Laughter Club Is on the Road... Featuring a business, group or organization once a month.  Contact Angélique for more info. Private group session available. 

Ready to take your laughter to the next level check out the "Giggle Playshop" or "Laughy Hour" for a deeper experience, 

"Giggle Playshop"  1 Hour A fun filled hour.  Filling your body full of feel good hormones.  Laughter yoga is for all ages and fitness levels.  There are many health benefits to laughter yoga.  Laughing reduces stress and anxiety and fights symptoms of depression. I am a walking anecdote for the benefits of Laughter Yoga. It Saved my life. I have fought with depression off and on since my teen years.  Depression took away my Laughter. I became a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader for my health. I very soon realized laughter this is my gift to share with the world. In a world that is busy we often forget to laugh due to pressures of daily life. Join Giggle Guru Angélique as she takes you on a journey to connect with your inner child and learn to laugh for no reason. I dare you to give it a try!

Personal Investment $15 Date/Time/Location please see Calendar tab.

"Laughy Hour"Laughy Hour, Friday Night fun night. Come out and Join Giggle Guru Angélique and her contagious Laughter in a fun filled one-hour laughter yoga meditaion session. Laughter as an exercies an blneded into a meditation. You will learn about breathe work, body movment and of course laugh along the way. There are many scientific proven benefits of Laughter Yoga, such as a great way to release stress, it helps with anxiety and learn how Laughter Yoga saved Angelique's life. Laughter Yoga designed for all fitness levels and ages and can even be done seated. Comfy clothes, shoes or bare feet, no special equipment needed. Everything supplied just need to bring an open mind. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Drop in $15

Baby Laughter Yoga  “Giggle with Me Baby Laughter Yoga” l

Join me as we bring you and your baby through laughter exercises incorporating the pranayama yoga breath finishing with a guided meditation to relax baby and connect you at a deeper level. (baby massage). Newborn to crawling ideal. Bring a mat, baby blanket and bottle of water.

Personal Investment $15 Date/Time/Location please see Calendar tab.

“Laughter Yoga In The Golden Ages” 1/2 hour This class is specific to seniors.  Laughter brings joy into our lives, boosts our immune systems, relieves stress, assists in mobility and is a full body workout.  Seniors can expect to participate in movement breathing and body work and be filled with feel good hormones.  Laughter is the best medicine after all. $50 Happy to come to your facility. 

“Laughter Yoga Support Groups ” 1/2 hour This class is designed for caregivers and support groups. Laughter brings joy into our lives, boosts our immune systems, relieves stress.  Laughter is the best medicine after all. $50 Happy to come to your facility. 

Bring the offering Of laughter yoga into your home. I am spreading the cheer and bringing Laughter Yoga, Mindfulness, and much to you and your friends in the comfort of your home. I have 3 packages available for you to choose from. Please contact Angélique for full details 

Speaking engagements... Contact Charismatic Angélique 

Giggle Playshops or Laughy Hour is a great fit for conferences, and  break out sessions. 


Wellness on Wheels... Looking to bring Laughter Yoga to your community? I have an idea. Why not fill the car full of facilitators that offer a variety of modalities, pay one millage fee plus cost of each facilitators session. Find out more about this service at