Giggle Guru and Discovery Coach 
Angélique Doyle welcomes you!


Giggle Guru & Discovery Coach
 Angelique Doyle welcomes you! 

“Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're living?”
Bob Marley

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       Phone: 403-504-7736


Mission to help women discover their inner child with  tools  and action steps to implement a practice of self discovery  immediately.!  Angelique provides an environment to reconnect with the little girl that is screaming to be heard.  Now is the time! 

The name  'Awaken Personal Enlightenment' came from my journey. 
 Awaken... I was awakened when I became open to hearing and reconnecting with my inner child. 
 Personal... It was my  personal Journey to let the little girl inside me be heard. 
 Enlightenment... I become authentic to my true self. I heard loud and clear what my little girl needed and desired.  I Let go of ego and reconnected with my inner child. 

Join the Party!

We seem to never really need a "reason" to get together with friends. We gather for birthday parties, anniversaries, retirement, monthly gatherings, special occasions of all kinds. But...why not kick it up a notch? Why not take these or any occasion to the next level. Why not be adventurous by learning how to laugh, be silly, playful and connect to a deeper part of ourselves? Why not learn to reconnect with the little girl that lives inside each one of us beautiful women? If this interests you, then girl, you need to do a Giggle Party!

Do you daydream? Yes! Well if so, then let me help you create a Vision Board! This AMAZING visual tool is used as a guide in keeping you accountable in moving you towards your dreams & desires. What did you dream of as a little girl? 

Ever feel overwhelmed sometimes? Yes? Me too! Let me show you how to make a Portable Labyrinth! When the world rips the carpet out from under your feet or when you just simply need to find some calm and peace in this busy world, a Portable Labyrinth is the best tool that you can take with you anywhere you go! 

Like what you've read so far? Great! Check out my 'Friendship Gatherings & Prices' page to learn more!


Angélique Doyle

Giggle Guru & Discovery Coach