Fun at Work Fun at Work Brain Storming Can you see the smoke LOL 190759846 All In This is a Family all in Business 190759847 Love My Job I love what I do. I am Blessed to do what I enjoy each day! 190759848 Mustash March Fun at work and loving March 190759849 Laughter Meeting We all can us a Laugh at work to help build team spirit. 190759850 190761292 Meditation Shhhhhh this is our time to reflect and enjoy being with oneself. Even Horton the Security Gaurd enjoys Meditation. 190759851 Release the giggles Releasing all the Laughter Bubbles after a short Laughter Yoga session. 190759852 Quite time Just taking a minute out of the busy day to have some down time. 5-10 minutes is just enough to rejuvinate the soul + 190759853 When is our next Vacation We love to holiday!! Plan a holiday, A Vision Board is a great way to share Ideas and to get clear on what everyone would like to do. 190759854