Awaken Personal Enlightenment 

  Awaken Personal Enlightenment  

Discovery Workshops allow you to explore quieting your mind and  finding clarity in the busy world around us. 
Discovery Coach Angélique 


Home Discovery Party. What is a Home Discovery Party?  Have you and your friends been talking about signing up for a class or talking about getting together? I have a reason for you to be the the one that invited your friends to a in home party that they will be talking about for months to come.  Angélique will facilitate a Workshop pkg designed specifically for you and your friends.  A fun evening in for you and a few of your friends.  Want to be the Hostess with the mostes? hahahah

 Lets create a space in your home that you can invite a few friend over and make it a "Home Discovery Party".  With 3  Packages for you to choose from. Hostess and Guest Rewards. 

Full details or questions contact Angélique  403 504 7736 call or text, email

Laughter Yoga, Labyrinths  and Visioning  

"Let Your fingers do the walking" Labyrinth  Discovery workshop.  Join Angélique as she shares in a creative space, where you will be encouraged to just take a journey inward as you create a small portable Labyrinth. Angélique will guide you step by step along the way.  Learn about the many health benefits of a Labyrinth, relieve stress, awaken and empower yourself! 

Supplies included. 1.5 Hour Journey inward. 

“Mystic Goddess” Belief /affirmation Vision Board  Discovery workshop  

  Supplies included 1.5 Hour Journey inward. 

"Lets play in the SandBox" Laughter Yoga Discovery workshop Leave with a License to Play!

Supplies included 1.5 Hour Journey inward. 

Full Day Retreats 8 hours treats, tea, coffee and lunch included 

Exclusive offers 1:1 coaching pkgs  contact Angélique directly 

3 Day Retreats are  once a year. Location and all Details to be announced stay tuned. Each Year is a unique. 

DIscovery workshops are unique fit for conferences, and  break out sessions. 

Looking for a spiritual baby shower... 

Mom & Baby Blessing Circle... Are you looking to share in a unique "baby shower"  I have a unique blessing circle that is designed for blessing mom and baby. Investment and more details please  Contact Angélique. Space is provided or happy to come into your home.