Giggle Guru and Discovery Coach 
Angélique Doyle welcomes you!


Giggle Guru & Discovery Coach
 Angelique Doyle welcomes you! 

Friendship Circles  & Prices

*Packages open to Medicine Hat & surrounding area. Please call if you are outside of the Medicine Hat area.*

Why book a discovery party?  

1. I come to you, you get a private session with your closest friends/family in the comfort of your home. 

2. We don't need a reason to get together with our friends and family. Circles are in a supportive, safe environment such as your home allows friends and family to talk about big dreams in a familiar environment. It brings down walls that then allows us to be open, playful and curious about how we can support each other moving forward. 

3. Women supporting women is bonding and strengthens relationships. Weather you are a leader, a rebel or a gal stuck wondering “who the heck am I without my roles” you need your voice to be heard! 

If you are ready to take a step outside of the box, then booking a Discovery Party is the right step for you, your friends and your family. My focus is to be a leader and guide women who are seeking and wanting for more out of their lives.They are women who are ready to make changes and are ready to be curious about playing and dreaming big! 

Pkg 1. Giggle Gals. 

This is a fun introduction to Laughter Yoga - my first medicine in my self-discovery journey. I will guide you through some mindful movements and add some playful giggle in. I will guide you through a basic Pranayama yogic breath work, which will lead into laughing with some playful exercises. We will wind down with a laughter meditation closing with a guided meditation. No yoga mat required, and no experience necessary. This is for anyone looking for: deeper connection, joy, bonding friendships,  healthy-fun with friends, inner peace, self-awareness. 

  • Party cost:  $80  For a small intimate friendship gathering of 6-8 guest In your home. 

Pkg 2. Finger Labyrinth Walk. 

Let your fingers do the walking. What is a Labyrinth Walk? It is a path way that will take you on a journey inward. I will show you how to draw your very own portable finger labyrinth and you will learn about the benefits of a labyrinth walk. Everyone will leave with a unique Labyrinth design and the tools to incorporate it into their daily life. This is for anyone looking to find: answers to internal questions that seem hard to clarify, inner peace & tranquility, love for the internal quiet and stillness inside.  All supplies & instructions included in cost. All you need is an open mind to create a foundation to move forward in a positive direction. 

  • Party cost:  $120 For a small intimate friendship gathering 6-8 friends 

Pkg 3. Vision Board Party.

Come together and learn about each other's dreams. A Vision Board Party will bring you and your friends closer together and help you to truly understand what each of you needs in order to support your individual & collective goals. Your relationships will deepen as you learn about childhood dreams, and future passions/desires. Vision Boards provide friends with a visual aid to inspire them to stay focused towards their goals and dreams. Creating a vision board is a fun and interactive way to support each other. Everyone will leave with their very own Vision Board. All supplies & instructions included in cost. All you need is an open mind to create a foundation to move forward in a positive direction. 

  • Party Cost:  $240 For a small intimate friendship gathering 6-8 friends 

To book text or call  Angélique Doyle 
 T. 403 504 7736.  

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