Awaken Personal Enlightenment 

 Awaken Personal Enlightenment 

Giggle Guru & Discovery Coach Angelique Doyle welcomes you! 

Angélique  Doyle 

Hello my name is Angélique Doyle, creator of Awaken Personal Enlightenment. I am a Giggle Guru & Discovery Coach. I love life and everything life has to offer! I channel my passions creatively through playfulness and dreaming big dreams. I add fire, zeal and devotion into all my work. I am a Professional Facilitator; I am a Visionary that is not afraid to express my self through self- empowerment. I have the gift to assist individuals to find their true passion and to be able to find the strength to live their life’s purpose. I will assist you in confronting your self-limiting beliefs and help you to unlock your full potential.

But it wasn't always this way for me...

I always loved having a good time laughing, joking and being silly. I was the life of the party. Yet... I never really felt happy inside because I wasn't being real with myself. I didn't know myself or enjoy the quietness inside of me; rather it scared me. I needed to find my own identity. And how I was everything to everybody but nothing to myself. I was the PTA Mom, the volunteer soccer/basketball coach, a wife, the cook, the cleaner, the Mom taxi driver, the friend you could rely on at the drop of a dime, all of this and more. The rebel inside of me really wanted to find my purpose in life but I felt too busy living in a box. I wanted more out of life.

I was grateful to have a supportive community and a strong group of friends to rely on to help me find my voice. Friendship gatherings in a safe place allowed me to find my authentic self. And through that I learned how to dream again, be playful, and how to find inner peace. These events that occurred in my life shot me forward on a magic carpet ride, and I began to live “my truth”.

Laughter Yoga allowed me to let go of inhibitions and reconnect with my truth.  It allowed me to be playful - something I had not been doing for awhile - and because of that I began to truly laugh again! I began finding myself smiling and laughing all the time. I started to feel radiant and youthful again. Joy poured back into my soul. I was free, I was free because I knew how to connect to a deeper part of myself. I found my inner child again when I allowed myself be playful and laugh.  From there I began to learn how to daydream. Finding stillness in my dreams allowed me to find the calm in the middle of the chaos. I began to truly enjoy the silence and inner stillness that comes from being in love with your true self. I began diving deeper into self-discovery, craving more and more enlightenment to enhance my life. This then led me to discover Laughter Yoga, Finger Labyrinth Walk & Vision Boards.

This led me to you!! I am passionate about being a guide for women who are ready to take a step out of the box. Are you ready to enhance your life? If you answered yes, then let’s chat with a complementarity call to me and we will discuss how we can create a friendship gathering in your home.  Calls are 15 min a quick coffee break call.