Giggle Guru and Discovery Coach 
Angélique Doyle welcomes you!


Giggle Guru & Discovery Coach
 Angelique Doyle welcomes you! 

Angélique  Doyle 

Hello my name is Angélique Doyle, creator of Awaken Personal Enlightenment. I am a Giggle Guru & Discovery Coach. Thanks for stopping! If we are just meeting for the first time hello and welcome. I am a Visionary, that walks to the beat of my own drum. My coaching style and offerings are as outside of the box as I am. I coach women to daydream to laugh for no reason and to explore answer within. . I love empowering women to find the warrior within. Who are you without your roles? Answer the question Who am I ? As a coach I will assist you in confronting your self-limiting beliefs and help you to unlock your full potential. I think it is always more fun to do things with a friend or two. Your not alone on this journey I am confident you have a friend in what is asking the same questions you are. That is why as a coach I offer small intimate, home parities. I look forward to being a learning more about you and exploring these answers with you and a few of your friends. Until then here are a few more details about me and why I do what I do.

Life has been a roller coaster of a ride for me. I always loved having a good time laughing, joking and being silly. I was everything to everybody but nothing to myself. I was the PTA Mom, the volunteer soccer/basketball coach, a wife, the cook, the cleaner, the Mom taxi driver, the friend you could rely on at the drop of a dime, all of this and more. The rebel inside of me really wanted to find my purpose in life but I felt too busy living in a box. I began to ask myself the question Who am I? I was the life of the party. Yet... I never really felt happy inside because I wasn't being real with myself. I didn't know myself or enjoy the quietness inside of me; rather it scared me. I needed to find my own identity, and answer the question Who am I?

I was grateful to have a supportive community and a strong group of friends to rely on to help me find my voice. Friendship gatherings allowed me to find my authentic self. And through that I learned how to dream again, be playful, and how to find inner peace. These events that occurred in my life shot me forward on a magic carpet ride, and I began to live “my truth”.

Laughter Yoga allowed me to let go of inhibitions and reconnect with my truth. It allowed me to be playful - something I had not been doing for awhile - and because of that I began to truly laugh again! I began finding myself smiling and laughing all the time. I started to feel radiant and youthful again. Joy poured back into my soul. I was free, I was free because I knew how to connect to a deeper part of myself. I found my inner child again when I allowed myself be playful and laugh. From there I began to learn how to daydream. Finding stillness in my dreams allowed me to find the calm in the middle of the chaos. I began to truly enjoy the silence and inner stillness that comes from being in love with your true self. I began diving deeper into self-discovery, craving more and more enlightenment to enhance my life. This then led me to discover Laughter Yoga, Finger Labyrinth Walk & Vision Boards.

I am a certified laughter yoga leader, vision board coach and labyrinth facilitator. I would wager a guess you may of heard of one of these practices.I invite you to ask me a question. What are you curious to learn about?

This leads me to you!! I am passionate about being a guide for women who are ready to take a step out of the box. Are you ready to enhance your life? If you answered yes, then let’s chat with a complementarity call to me and we will discuss how we can create a friendship gathering in your home. Calls are 15 min. I call it a recess break. Shoot me a  text  403 504 7736. We can set up a time to chat.  It is my mission to helps women in survival mode to discover tools for self care and provided action steps to implant a practice so they can set an example to loved ones in their lives. She provides an environment to reconnect with the inner child, and explore how you can live your best authentic life.

Awaken Personal Enlightenment came from my journey.
 Awaken... I was awakened when I became open to find my way. 
Personal... It was a personal Journey.
 Enlightenment... I become authentic to my true self. I Let go of ego.