Awaken Personal Enlightenment 

 Awaken Personal Enlightenment 

Giggle Guru & Discovery Coach Angelique Doyle welcomes you! 

Angélique  Doyle 

Hello my name is Angélique Doyle, creator of Awaken Personal Enlightenment. I am a Giggle Guru & Discovery Coach. I love life and everything life has to offer! I channel my passions creatively through playfulness and dreaming big dreams. I add fire, zeal and devotion into all my work. I am a Professional Facilitator; I am a Visionary that is not afraid to express my self through self- empowerment. I am a deep listener; I have the gift to assist individuals to find their true passion and to be able to find the strength to live their life’s purpose. I will assist you in confronting your self-limiting beliefs and help you to unlock your full potential.

But it wasn't always this way for me...


I always loved having a good time laughing, joking and being silly. I was the life of the party. Yet... I never really felt happy inside because I wasn't being real with myself. I didn't know myself or enjoy the quietness inside of me; rather it scared me, so I distracted myself with senseless fun. It was easy for me to be the clown, to joke and to other make people laugh. But what no one saw was my internal struggle with depression. It had been eating me alive since I was a youth. I suffered in silence for years. I was deeply ashamed of these emotions, because on the outside it seemed like I had nothing to be depressed about.

One day the rug under me was pulled out.  It all came to an end when I had to take a personal stress leave from my job,  one that became permanent and lead me to not return. Because of the events that occurred, it spurred my journey towards internal happiness and slowly joy began sprouting back into my life. I had suffered long enough by not allowing myself to live authentically,  it was about time I began to live "my truth". 

Through my search to find my internal happiness I found Laughter Yoga. Laughter Yoga allowed me to let go of inhibitions and  reconnect with my truth.  It allowed me to be playful - something I had not been doing for awhile - and because of that I began to truly laugh again! I began finding myself smiling and laughing all the time. I started to feel radiant and youthful again. Joy poured back into my soul. I was free, I was free because I knew how to connect to a deeper part of myself. I found my inner child again when I allowed myself to "play".  From there I began to truly enjoy the silence and inner stillness that comes from being in love with your true self. The shame fell away and I felt whole again.  From there I began diving deeper into self-discovery, craving more and more "awareness" for my true self. This then lead me to discover 

Finger Labyrinth Walk & Vision Boards.